5 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Should Have in 2019

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wardrobe essentials for women

wardrobe essentials for women

“Wardrobe essentials for women” the headline speaks for itself. We live in the world of chaos and noise. The fashion world is no different than that. Every day new trends and feeds are popping up, giving you the impression that they are here to stay. Don’t fall into the trap of these mirages. These trends will fade away leaving you with a broken bank and cluttered wardrobe. And you will end up with the forever young cliché “I have nothing to wear”. Nobody wants this nightmare yet every day we fall to its victim. Today we are here to fix this once for all. So without further ado lets dive deep into “wardrobe essentials every woman should have”.

There is nothing wrong with treating yourself with some regular dose of trendy garments treatment but only after you are done building your basics. We all have our white tees and denim jackets, so we are fine in that department right? Think again!

As a fashion conscious woman, you are, you need to be both functional and elegant. Whether you are casually hanging out with friends or going on to that hot date you have been looking forward for the past few weeks, you need to be top of your game. But, staying to the top of the game is no joke.

We all have our classes, jobs and all sort of other social responsibilities, so how do you make time to stay on top of the game? Well, you don’t have to. If you stick with the basics then you will know what to wear and when to wear them.

This is what makes the basics so fascinating, they are so versatile and timeless that you can wear them practically in every social setting. Now that you know the importance of the basics, its time to go through some, so that you know whether you have them or you need to buy them now.                

Black dress

A closet is not a closet if it’s missing a black dress in it. Your grandma had one and probably your granddaughter will have one too. It is the perfect evening wear. Cocktail dress? Here have a good old fashioned little black dress (which will never run out of fashion).

Although this list is not in any chronological order, it can’t be denied that a black dress will make to the top of the list any fashion conscious woman. Purely because of its versatility and affordability  (if you know where to shop). What makes it so versatile you ask? Well, it can easily be dressed up or dressed down.

Wear it with a jacket and pomp and bang! You are now ready to walk on a ramp. So if you already have one then congratulation you know the “rule of fashion” and have one of the wardrobe essentials for women. but, if not then buy one now, infect buy two! Because two is always better than one, right?

Leather jacket

Get ready to put a dent in your bank account. Then again why shouldn’t you? A good leather jacket will give you that perfect rebellious look and not to mention, will also keep you warm. Trust me on this, it is an investment that you’re not going to regrate because it is one of the wardrobe essentials for women. It will pay you off in long run. You can wear it in pretty much any occasions and in all seasons. If you know how to take care of it then a good quality leather jacket can last life long. When you are done with it you can always pass it on to next generation.


Jeans should be another timeless staple in your wardrobe. But, not just any jeans, those distressed jeans your aunt gave you as a birthday gift, maybe it’s time to throw them away. It’s time to invest in some premium quality dark or indigo jeans. If you are looking for something both comfortable and stylish then jeans should be your go-to solution. On the contrary of most fashion staple imply, jeans are both fashionable and comfortable. They are interchangeable and can be combined with a wide range of garments.    

Pencil Skirt

Trying to look flattering and professional at the same time? Then you should absolutely try pencil skirts. There are very few if any garment that can be flattering and professional at the same time.  This is another timeless piece that you should totally add in your wardrobe. If it is your first one then try a black one first, it is a staple. A pencil skirt worn with a belted jacket and tucked in shirt will give you that perfect long, lean line. And also will show some skins which is a deadly feminine combination.

The infamous white T-shirt

I know that I have already mentioned it at the beginning but I saved it for the last because I can’t stress enough the importance of a white T-shirt. You may say that it is way too basic or mediocre. But, combining a white T with some previously mentioned staples can create an epic outfit which will guarantee you some rubbernecking. Try some crew and v-necked, experiment with them. That’s the beauty of white T, they are so versatile yet so affordable. You can never go wrong with a white T. If you want to take it to the next level then you can always throw in some patterns.


The purpose of this post is to help you spend less and spend smart. Just think about how many pieces of garments you buy in a year and regrate it the moment you put them on. Add “spending smart on shopping” in your new year resolution list, trust me you will thank me later.

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